White Gold vs Yellow Gold

White Gold versus Yellow Gold

Gold is the most popular metal used in the creation of fine jewelry for men's and women's, very popular in dress, wedding and engagement rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

The classic look of gold explains why it might be the most popular choice for jewels.

There are two important things to consider when shopping at gold. First, which gold karat to choose and second, the gold color. The most common grades, in addition to pure 24K - Karat weigh (also called carats), are 22K (92%), 18K (75%), 14K (58%) and 9K (38%), which indicate the proportion of pure gold to other metals as nickel, manganese, copper, silver, zinc or palladium in the jewelry. The important differences between the karats are the color, price and durability.

The metal can affect its fashion jewelry style as much as the diamond. But if you like to wear gold jewelry, you have to choose the best kind and color white, yellow gold, pink, rose, red, green, grey, blue, purple, black or spangold. 18K has a richer color than 14K and 9K.

White Gold versus Yellow Gold

Difference between "White Gold" and "Yellow Gold":

Both yellow and white gold may contain the same amount of pure gold. The main reason why the color becomes different is with the type of metal alloy mixed to it before use. Yellow gold is mixed with Copper and Zinc, while white gold is mixed with Silver and Palladium. Be careful with older white gold jewelries because Nickel was the main alloy used back then. This has been the cause of many allergic side effects. Nickel is no longer used in most white gold made today.

Because of the types of alloy mixed with white gold, it is generally more durable and more expensive than the yellow gold. The yellow gold is much more prone to scratches. White gold vs yellow gold. But since white gold has a natural faded color, it needs to be coated once a year with rhodium for it to have a shiny silvery look. Yellow gold just needs occasional polishing to retain its natural shine.

White gold is becoming a more popular choice for consumers today, but the classic yellow gold is not going anywhere. White gold is a favorite to go with diamonds and other stones since it highlights them better. The yellow gold could reflect a yellow tint to a stone.

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